High-performance products: always.

A high-performance product results from a careful selection of raw materials, as well as from manufacturing and machining processes which are always carried out with the utmost accuracy and controlled with rigor.

As far as process control and product testing are concerned, Trimec utilizes the following equipment:

  • state-of-the-art Bosello X-ray machine capable of quantifying the level of porosity,filing the parameters of the master samples provided by the customer, sending by e-mail the relevant control files and selecting the cast pieces automatically;
  • semi-automatic dimensional check machine;
  • quantometer for the chemical analysis of raw materials;
  • internal Bifma test to check breaking loads;
  • penetrants to identify defects during the manufacturing phase;
  • 100% visual control performed by specialized staff.

Faro Arm

Innovative portable 3D measurement system.