What is die-casting?

Die-casting is a technique used in industrial-scale production. Over the years, it has been transformed by the indispensable contribution of technology.

The die-casting process includes the following phases:

  1. creation of the mold, starting from the 3D model provided by the customer;
  2. injection of the raw material into the mold, at a high pressure, and creation of the industrial item;
  3. cooling of the metal;
  4. shearing and/or removal of risers (manually or automatically) from the die-cast item
  5. finishing and machining;
  6. 100% visual control of the die-cast item.

What are the advantages of die-casting?

  • a cheap and well-performing technology;
  • possibility to create complex shapes;
  • items characterized by a high metallurgical Quality and mechanical strength;
  • possibility to create aesthetically attractive items, by means of a variety of surface treatments.