Die-cast items for offices.

The furniture sector accounts for most of Trimec’s production.
Over time, the company has successfully executed significant orders placed by important companies such as Vitra, Stoll Giroflex, and Sedus Alias, manufacturing items able to combine practicality and aesthetic beauty.

Specifically, Trimec deals with the design of molds and the production of components for office chairs, such as:

  • 4/5 spoke chair bases
  • back rests
  • arm rests
  • under-seats
  • other accessories

Die-cast items realized

Vitra chair base

Vitra chair base

chair base
Vitra armrest for large supplies

Vitra item for large supplies

Vitra armrest cover
Vitra raw armrest for large supplies

Stoll Giroflex seat support

Stoll Giroflex backrest support

Stoll Giroflex chair base

Vitra raw chair base

Vitra armrest

Vitra chair support

Vitra chair support

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